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Neuromuscular Cupping Therapy

After your initial consultation, we will continue to follow our game plan. The time listed below is dedicated solely to bodywork. Neuromuscular techniques are performed after cups are placed on affected muscle areas. The techniques performed, connect the muscles to the nerves allowing the body to let go of its habitual holding patterns. 

60 Minutes - $115

90 Minutes - $150

120 Minutes - $200

Neuromuscular Cupping Therapy Sessions

60 Minute

Bodywork in this session can either be centralized on one area of focus where you may be experiencing pain. Or the time can be used for a relaxing full-body massage without any focused work.

90 Minute

This session will give your therapist time to provide deeper work on two focus areas, while also allowing enough time to relax the rest of the body.

120 Minute

This session gives your therapist time to provide deep focused work  on several areas of discomfort while making sure the rest of the body gets the attention it needs to fully relax and let go.

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