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Amber MacDonald


There is one important rule in life that we often forget and it is quite fair. You only get as much out of life as you put into it. Nothing worthwhile comes easily. I use this philosophy within every session.  Using several different modalities of massage tailored to what your body needs to relax and release tension, chronic pain doesn't stand a chance of sticking around.  I have 9 years of experience in Massage Therapy, in addition, I am an Arvigo Practitioner specializing in abdominal massage.


I started my massage journey trying to heal myself from the many different health issues I was experiencing. I gave Arvigo Therapy a try at a time when my health issues prevented me from working or having much of a life. The therapy had such a profound effect on me that I knew I had to learn it to share it with the world. I started with a self-care class in 2014.  I continued my journey completing a 500-hour massage diploma from IBMC in 2015. I also received my Arvigo certification in 2015 and was finally able to share this bodywork with my clients! I went on to become a certified yoga teacher mainly to give my clients better stretches for self-care but also to deepen my own yogic practice. I have dabbled in foot reflexology and aromatherapy as well. I took my massage style to a new level when I became a certified Neuromuscular Cupping Practitioner. This therapy has changed the game for my pain clients and the results they have been seeking!


I am a native of Colorado and love spending time in the mountains. Paddleboarding is my newest outdoor passion. When I'm not working I am usually spending quality time with my husband!


My Mission

After every visit, you become more in tune with your own body to help facilitate a lasting change. My goal is to give you the tools you need to stay relaxed and open outside of our massage sessions. When you can educate yourself about how your body holds tension and why that chronic pain pattern developed in the first place you can take your healing into your own hands! Doing this makes massage and the work I provide much more than just bodywork! 

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